Combat Systems

The Combat Systems group is a global leader in systems engineering, spanning design, development, manufacture and support of tracked and wheeled military vehicles, weapons systems and munitions for the United States and its allies.

European Land Systems - With operating sites in Austria, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, European Land Systems manufactures and delivers wheeled, tracked and amphibious vehicles, and other combat systems such as armaments and munitions to global customers. Learn More

Land Systems -  Offering a spectrum of design, development, production and lifecycle support, Land Systems is a leading manufacturer of wheeled, tracked and amphibious combat vehicles. Its core platforms include the Abrams main battle tank and the family of Stryker, LAV and MRAP wheeled combat vehicles. Land Systems employs world-class manufacturing and systems integration processes to develop vehicles designed to meet future ground combat requirements.Learn More

Ordnance and Tactical Systems - Combining proven development and production capabilities with advanced research, Ordnance and Tactical Systems offers the U.S. military and its allies a range of combat systems, high-performance weapons and armament, large-, medium- and small-caliber munitions, artillery projectiles, non-lethal products and off-road axles and suspensions. Learn More